Octagon’s Covid-19 Policy

We are absolutely delighted that we will be able to start showing films and live broadcasts without restrictions from the 2nd September 2021. However, we recognise the need to proceed with caution so will have certain procedures in place to ensure that the cinema auditorium and lounge are  safe places.

Firstly, we will ask any non-members who purchase tickets  to give Octagon their contact details whether bought from Quinns or on-line.. Obviously, when a member buys a ticket, we will have their contact details through their membership number which is written on the ticket sales sheet.

We will keep the QR codes for Track & Trace Check in if you can, but it’s not mandatory. Face coverings and social distancing are no longer obligatory inside the building but we would ask our patrons to be respectful of others who wish to continue distancing and choose to wear a face covering. The government  recommends that people wear face coverings in ‘crowded public spaces’. Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the building.

Bar facilities will be available before a film and during an interval which would mainly apply to live broadcasts. A new initiative is that members can now take a drink into the auditorium and recyclable plastic glasses will be offered for this.

A new card payment system is in the process of being installed which will make it possible to accept card payment  at the bar so that cash does not have to be handled.

A ventilation  system has been installed which will change the air in the auditorium and lounge  so even if the people around you choose not to wear a face covering you will be breathing freshly circulated air. Furthermore, the theatre has arranged for professional cleaners to come in every day to wipe down bannisters , door handles, light switches etc upstairs and downstairs

As always, our priority is the safety of our volunteers and customers. If there is anything, at all, that you are concerned about, please get in touch with us on 01858 466234 or info@octagonfilms.org.uk